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My Baby’s Daddy Novel is a wonderful romance tale. Therefore it is undoubtedly one of the amazing novels we have on our e-library. Meanwhile, Vanessa K wrote the novel. Also, you can either read it online or download it for offline purposes.

Additionally, it is in a portable format aka PDF for easy access. With this, you can also be able to access it with your laptop, mobile phone, and desktop.

Without a doubt, all you need to be able to access it is a stable internet connection. Subsequently, I’ll be uploading more chapters so check in for updated chapters on our site.

My Baby’s Daddy Novel Synopsis

“Anastasia, help! I’ve been molested at the club!”
The desperate and helpless sound of her best friend’s voice was the only thing on Anastasia Tillman’s mind as she rushed over to the clubhouse.
Room 808. Anastasia looked up at the number plaque on the door of the private room.
It was the same room number that her best friend, Hayley Seymour, had texted her.
Without another thought, she barged through the door to save her friend. When the door swung open under her hand, she was greeted by the darkness within.
Suddenly, a strong hand clasped around her wrist and dragged her into the dark room, followed by a loud thud as the door slammed shut.
“Hey—who are you, and what do you want?!” Anastasia shrieked, her eyes darting around wildly as she tried to make out her surroundings.
“Settle down, and I’ll treat you well.” A man’s deep and husky voice spoke close to her ear.
The next second, Anastasia was unceremoniously tossed onto the couch, and before she could scramble to her feet, a lean and strong body pinned her down.
She let out a muffled cry when a pair of lips that tasted like peppermint captured hers. The man on top of her felt burning hot to the touch.
A sense of hopelessness brought tears to her eyes as she tried to struggle against the man, but in the end, she could do nothing but endure the man’s ferocity.
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