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Tasting All My Mates Novel is an adult novel in PDF format. It is in a portable form so that it can be easily downloaded and read both on and offline. Additionally, Tasting-All My Mates Novel is one of the best novels on our platform.

Equally important is to read this novel with discretion as it contains mature content. Without a doubt, there are mentions of drugs, violence, and suicide. It is 18+ as viewers’ discretion is advised. Reverse Harem, bully-to-lover.
Therefore, read with caution.

Tasting All My Mate Synopsis

His Cum Bucket
I am Enya Fosters, an omega of the Crimson Fangs Pack. My parents died when I was only 6.
I stayed in an orphanage until I was adopted by a Gamma family at the age of 12.

One would think my miseries came to an end when I got adopted by Gammas, but sadly, the bullying continued.
The pack doesn’t like me, a mere sight of me makes them gouge their eyeballs out.
T have somehow lived the fact that all this torture will come to an end once my mate accepts me and I will get a respectable position in the pack.

Have been on my feet walking under the sun to get to school and probably not had anyone sing Happy Birthday to me.
Thad turned 18 today and so far, I have received no text from my friends, since I had none or my family.
Life had been nothing but very hard on me. But there was someone who I had been waiting to wish me a happy birthday

My thoughts were interrupted when someone from a fast-passing car threw water all over me.
There was nothing new about it, the mistreatment was a part of my daily life but it didn’t stop me from fighting back.
“Stay away from the Alpha King, you little whore!”
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