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Millennium Wolves Novel is a werewolf novel in portable formats. Furthermore, its portability enables readers to read and download for free and with ease. Therefore all you need to be able to read this novel is to have a working network connection. Then you can easily and freely read Millennium Wolves Novel online or download The Millennium Wolves Novel for offline convenience.

The Millennium Wolves Series Novel Synopsis​

The Millennium Wolves Series

All I could see was s*x.
Everywhere I turned, there were bodies shuddering. Limbs shifting.
Mouths moaning I ran through a forest, panting, trying to escape the carnal phantoms around me, which seemed to be summoning me.
Saying, join us. But the deeper into the woods I ran, the darker and more alive the forest became Some trees swayed like lovers.
Others, with gnarled roots and spindly branches, looked like predators. Closing in on me. Chasing after me.

Something out there in the dark was chasing me. Something inhuman.
And now the mouths weren’t moaning.
They were screaming Grotesque orgies everywhere turning violent. Bloody. Life-threatening.

Any second now, the darkness was going to catch me.
The s*x was going to strangle me.
As I felt a root snake its way around my leg, I tripped and fell down a gaping hole at the center of the forest. But it wasn’t a hole.

It was a mouth. With sharp teeth and a black tongue, licking its lips, about to swallow me whole.
I tried to scream but I had no voice.
I fell. Farther Deeper.
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