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The War God’s Favorite is a Fantasy Novel Jenny Fox read online novel follows the protagonist, a strong and feared war god, as he falls in love with a slave girl. On our web Talenovel, you can read and download The War God’s Favorite with a stable network on your device like a mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

The War God’s Favorite Novel Synopsis

However, the slave girl has an uphill battle inside the empire. To save their love and the kingdom they both care about, they must overcome personal and social problems.

There will be betrayals, sufferings, and sacrifices as they negotiate the tangled web of love, conflict, and power. How far can their love go them; will it be enough to defeat their adversaries and bring peace?
Warriors in shiny armor, officials in pretty carriages, women dripping in lavish jewelry, and even children in their best attire.

The Palace. Earth‘s very own piece of Heaven. And while the people of
the Capital may have been rich and powerful, there was a higher power
above them all; the Emperor. Sovereign to all, the Emperor was the almighty, considered a living deity among mortals. With unrivaled power, he governed the country with an iron fist. No matter what, his word was law. The Emperor never
wanted anything, as everything in the country was his already. He was loved and worshiped by
his people, but most importantly they knew to fear him. And on this
Red Moon Festival, the Holy Gates of the Imperial Palace would be
opened to those deemed worthy.

Excerpt From Chapter 1

Standing there was a large, furious dragon. Glaring at them with its red, reptilian
eyes, while one large paw was grasping the muraled wall, the other scratching
the stone one. The black beast growled menacingly again in their direction; no
one dared to move an inch. But Cassandra raised her head, despite Lyria’s grip, to
look up at the dragon. “The… the Th-Third’s Prince’s…dragon,” stuttered one of the terrified
concubines. None of the other servants or concubines said a word, petrified into silence. The
Black Dragon couldn’t possibly be mistaken as any other. It was the biggest
among its peers and the only one of its color, with its obsidian scales and blood-red eyes. It moved, stepping effortlessly over the wall and stalking towards them. Garden statues and lush plants were crushed under its huge feet as it continued.

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The War God’s Favorite Chapter 111 – 136

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